Billing Information

Payment on the day of a consultation is required.
The usual charge for consultation is as follows from April 2018:
                                               Fees         Rebate *    Out of Pocket
Level A       Brief                    $ 31.00     $ 16.95     $ 14.05
Level B      10-15 minutes      $ 77.00     $ 37.05     $ 39.95
Level C      >20 minutes         $ 124.00   $ 71.70     $ 52.30
Level D      >40 minutes         $ 160.00   $105.55    $ 54.45

Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist   >45mins Fee is $144.00

Bulk-Billing Available

For Pensioners, Veterans Affairs and Health Care Cardholders (issued by Centrelink) as well as children under 16 years of age.

Please note we are testing a new billing system with Dr Nixon starting March 2019 he will bulk bill eligible patients during standard business hours 9am-5pm weekdays outside of this there is a gap payment.

*Rebate applies if patient is medicare eligible. In the case of Allied Health Services some services may not have a Medicare Rebate associated with the service provided and the amount may vary.

Ordering Script Repeats

Patient's can order scripts for collection at the practice if they have seen their doctor in less than 6 months. Some scripts require a GP's consultation.

METHOD             FEE

Over Phone           $15.00

On Website           $10.00

These fees apply to all patients.  Concession Card Holders can book into a script clinic between 2pm-2.30pm to be bulk billed, or alternatively request to see their normal GP.