communication Policy


Given the confidentiality around your health information, and requests from third parties such as law firms, insurance agencies our communication policy details our procedure and guildlines around communicating with patients and about patients.

Management of patient Health Information

In an age where data is vital to providing quality care and outcomes across services that support you we have clear policy in place around your health information and data.

Recalls and results procedure

Having a investigation sent off can be nerve racking and understanding a clear process for follow up will help you the patient understand and action we take.


Our privacy policy encompasses not just our medical duty but commercial confidence in maintain high quality confidentiality and data management. 


Cancellation POLICY

Our policy around non attendance and late cancellation is aimed to be fair to all parties involved. We want Doctors and Health Professionals to be valued for their time and other patients can access services when required.


If you have any concerns please discuss these with your doctor or receptionist. This practice accredited against the RACGP 4th Edition all written policy, which is available to all patients for inspection adheres to the guidelines and standards mandated by the Collage and Australian and State Governments.